The Royal Commission took the preventative measure of cancelling its second and final round of public hearings in response to COVID-19. The public hearings were scheduled to commence in late-April 2020 and to run for four weeks. You can read the full statement from the Commission here.

Collection of witness statements

The Commission has continued to work with witnesses on the preparation of witness statements. While the hearings will not proceed as planned, these witness statements are formal evidence before the Commission that will inform ongoing work and the final report.

Information has been removed from some witness statements for privacy, legal and other reasons, and in some cases pseudonyms have been used.


The Commission has collected witness statements from consumers, families and carers and a range of other individuals who were due to give evidence at the hearings.

Witness statements collected in 2020 include ideas for a more contemporary and responsive mental health system based on a number of themes relevant to the Commission's Terms of Reference.

You can read a list of these themes here.

Please note that witness statements collected by the Royal Commission in 2020 largely present information in response to matters requested by the Royal Commission, except where the individual is sharing their lived experience.


If you are upset by any content on this website, or if you or a loved one require support, the following services are available to support you:

  • If you're not in immediate danger but you need help, call Nurse-on-call on 1300 60 60 24
  • For crisis support contact Lifeline on 13 11 14
  • For support contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636
  • If you are looking for a mental health service, visit the Better Health Channel.

For situations that are harmful or life threatening contact emergency services immediately on triple zero (000).

Read witness statements

Witness statements are being published progressively over the coming weeks. They are published below, alphabetically by surname. Click on a letter to show statements.

Accessible Word versions will be published progressively. If you have any questions regarding accessibility please contact us via the details on our contacts page.


  • Anderson, Julie - PDF
  • Atkinson, Dr Jo-An - PDF


  • Bartholomeusz, Nicole (cohealth) - PDF
  • Braitberg AM, OStJ, Professor George (Royal Melbourne Hospital and Melbourne Health) – PDF, Word
  • Brogden AM, Lucy (National Mental Health Commission) – PDF
  • Brophy, Professor Lisa – PDF, Word


  • Callaghan, Amelia - PDF
  • Carroll, Matthew (Mental Health Tribunal) – PDF, Word
  • Castle, Professor David – PDF
  • Cementon, Dr Enrico (NorthWestern Mental Health) – PDF, Word
  • Clelland, Angus (Mental Health Victoria) – PDF
  • Coleman, Leona (pseudonym) – PDF (Restricted Publication Order – PDF, Word)
  • Cook, Karyn – PDF (Restricted Publication Order – PDF)
  • Corney, Richard - PDF
  • Coskun, Aynur and Hafize – PDF
  • Coulson Barr OAM, Dr Lynne (Mental Health Complaints Commissioner) – PDF
  • Croton, Gary – PDF, Word


  • Daya, Indigo - PDF
  • Denborough, Dr Paul - PDF
  • Deveny, Elizabeth - PDF


  • Edwards, Julie (Jesuit Social Services) - PDF
  • Elkadi, Dr Shaymaa (Forensicare) - PDF
  • Ellis, Katherine (Youth Affairs Council Victoria) – PDF, Word


  • Fisher, Professor Karen – PDF, Word
  • Freiberg AM, Emeritus Professor Arie – PDF, Word


  • Gordon, Rob – PDF, Word
  • Grigg, Dr Margaret (Forensicare) - PDF
  • Gruenert, Dr Stefan (Odyssey House Victoria) – PDF


  • Harms, Professor Louise – PDF, Word
  • Healy, Denna - PDF
  • Heazlewood, Justin - PDF
  • Holmes, Douglas - PDF
  • Humphrey, Cathy (Sacred Heart Mission and Council to Homeless Persons) – PDF, Word



  • Jayakody, Erandathie – PDF
  • Jeffs OAM, Sandy - PDF


  • Kapur, Professor Shitij – PDF, Word
  • Kelly, Peter (NorthWestern Mental Health, Melbourne Health) - PDF
  • Keppich-Arnold, Sandra (Alfred Health) – PDF, Word
  • Kruk AO, Robyn – PDF, Word


  • Lawrence, Patrick – PDF
  • Lewena, Dr Stuart – PDF
  • Little, Kim (Department of Education and Training) – PDF, Word
  • Lockwood, Chris (MATES in Construction) – PDF
  • Lubman, Professor Daniel – PDF


  • Marney, Timothy – PDF
  • Maylea, Dr Christopher (Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council) – PDF, Word
  • McFarlane AO, Professor Alexander – PDF, Word
  • Medson OAM, Sue (Gippsland Lakes Complete Health) – PDF, Word
  • Moodie, Professor Rob – PDF
  • Moore, Dr Tim – PDF
  • Morgan, Christine (National Mental Health Commission) - PDF
  • Mousaferiadis & Burgess, Tass & Kent (Star Health) – PDF, Word
  • Moylan, Associate Professor Steven (Barwon Health) - PDF


  • Newton, Professor John (Peninsula Health) – PDF, Word
  • Nicholson, Dan (Victoria Legal Aid) - PDF


  • Oberklaid, Professor Frank – PDF
  • O'Hanlon, Dr Brendan (Bouverie Centre) - PDF
  • Orr AM, Mark (Flourish Australia) – PDF, Word


  • Pearl, David - PDF, Word
  • Petrakis, Dr Melissa (Tandem) - PDF
  • Pollock, Dr Sarah (Mind Australia) – PDF
  • Porter, Elizabeth (pseudonym) - PDF (Restricted Publication Order - PDF, Word)



  • Radovini, Associate Professor Alessandra - PDF
  • Rees, Professor Neil - PDF
  • Reeves, Kiba – PDF
  • Reilly, Dr John (Clinical Excellence Queensland) – PDF
  • Renwick-Lau, Dr Sara – PDF, Word
  • Roper, Cath - PDF
  • Rowan, Jennifer - PDF
  • Ryan, Dr Christopher – PDF, Word


  • Sifis, Eva - PDF
  • Siskind, Associate Professor Dan - PDF
  • Smith, Jenny (Council to Homeless Persons) - PDF
  • Solomon, Shane - PDF
  • Sundram, Professor Suresh – PDF, Word
  • Szirom, Dr Tricia (Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council) - PDF, Word


  • Thomas OAM, Professor Robert – PDF, Word
  • Todd, Grant (pseudonym) – PDF (Restricted Publication Order – PDF, Word)
  • Tokhi, Dr Mariam – PDF, Word
  • Turner, Nathan (pseudonym) - PDF (Restricted Publication Order - PDF, Word)



  • Vine, Dr Ruth (Forensicare) – PDF, Word