Royal Commission Letters Patent

Through the Letters Patent and Terms of Reference, set by the Victorian Government, we have been asked to make recommendations on:

  1. How to most effectively prevent mental illness and suicide, and support people to recover from mental illness, early in life, early in illness and early in episode, through Victoria’s mental health system, and in close partnership with other services.
  2. How to deliver the best mental health outcomes and improve access to and the navigation of Victoria’s mental health system for people of all ages.
  3. How to best support the needs of family members and carers of people living with mental illness.
  4. How to improve mental health outcomes, taking into account best practice and person-centred treatment and care models, for those in the Victorian community, especially those at greater risk of experiencing poor mental health.
  5. How to best support those in the Victorian community who are living with both mental illness and problematic alcohol and drug use, including through evidence-based harm minimisation approaches.
  6. Any other matters necessary to satisfactorily resolve the matters set out above.

You can read the full Terms of Reference to the right.

In May 2020 amended Letters Patent were issued, extending the date by which the Commission must report its findings by three months. The Commission must now deliver its final report by 5 February 2021.

Expert Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Under the Terms of Reference of the Commission, the Expert Advisory Committee will provide advice on about any matters the Commission considers appropriate to inform its inquiry.

The Expert Advisory Committee is chaired by Patrick McGorry AO and includes members with lived experience of mental illness as well as their family members and carers.

You can read the Expert Advisory Committee Terms of Reference to the right.