Submissions to the Royal Commission

Between 18 April and 5 July 2019, Victorians were invited to share their experiences, views and ideas on how to improve Victoria’s mental health system.

We asked people to share their contributions online, as a written submission, images, audio or video content.

Submissions could be brief comments, or longer more formal submissions and the process took users through a series of questions on reducing stigma and discrimination, preventing suicide, early intervention and how people access and experience treatment and support.

Those making a contribution were able to nominate if they wanted the submission to be:

  • confidential - not published
  • anonymous - able to be published but with any identifying information removed or redacted (blacked out)
  • public - able to be published at the Commission’s discretion.

There are several reasons why the Commission may choose not to publish a submission, or to remove or redact parts of a submission. This may include the author’s preference for the treatment of their submission, to protect the safety or privacy of the author or other individuals, and any legal restrictions, including legal privilege, public interest immunity, defamation or suppression orders. The Commission reserves the right not to publish any submission at all if it considered it inappropriate to do so.

The Commission has received more than 2,500 submissions from organisations and members of the public, including people with lived experience, carers and families and the workforce.

Submissions are being loaded gradually onto this website.

By publishing them on its website, the Royal Commission expresses no opinion as to the content or accuracy of any of the submissions or other materials to which the submissions may refer.

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Individual submissions

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